Biggie is a B!T(H

ImageI’ve been watching this trio of Ziggler’s for quite some time now.  Ziggler and AJ certainly didn’t need a big body guard to strut around with, but the introduction of Biggie Langston to their group was still conceived.  It’s typical for the WWE to pair up newbie wrestlers with seasoned superstars.  It’s a mentoring thing and it has worked in a lot of wrestlers favors.  From the get go, I’ve had a bit of a problem with Biggie Langston.  Maybe it’s because I can’t stand brawlers anymore.  Besides Ryback and a few other veterans, I feel like brawlers are all the same.  Biggie is no different.

Now that he’s broken away from Ziggler, he has become AJ’s bitch.  He was already sort of a bitch from the beginning, which is what most of these newbies are at the start.  Now it just seems sad and desperate.  They were desperately trying give him some sort of personality by doing that whole secret admirer thing with Caitlyn.  It showed him as someone who could sink just as low as AJ.

Unless he completely reinvents himself like Brotus Clay has done (which is way more entertaining) Langston will go no where once his ties with AJ are severed.  He’ll end up like so many other would be wrestlers do, the slow crippling path to no where. For his sake I hope he pulls off something incredible with his character.  The WWE needs more pizzazz and they’ve been doing pretty well with some great talent like Fandango and the Wyatt family.  I guess only time will tell what will happen with Langston; for now I could care less. 


Trip Down Title Lane

The WWE hasn’t really been catching my eye lately.  Injuries have prevented a lot of good title reigns and potential champs from taking center stage.  When Ziggler was out for a few weeks, his Heavyweight title was left floating in space until his return.  When he finally did resurface I was excited to have him be able to strut his usual stuff with belt in tow.  Now it’s in the hands of Del Rio, who I don’t entirely dislike, but a part of me feels betrayed that Ziggler would have such a limited window to gloat his victory. I’d love to see Ziggler reclaim his title because he’s entertaining as hell, 100% more than Del Rio.

zigglerThe Intercontinental championship is no different.  Wade Barrett is one of my favorite wrestlers on the RAW roster and his reign as champ was nothing but entertaining.  With Miz hounding him for the title, it felt like a legit rivalry that had some great build up to it.  Now that this new hot shot Curtis Axel holds the belt, its almost like they are desperate for some color. It’s understandable since the show has been kicking up Zzzz’s for quite a few months.  Curtis Axel seems like just another generic wrestler; I don’t think he has 100% proven himself yet.  Hyman has been doing a great job as his manager that helps his image more than most people think.

axelAs for the tag team and US championships; I honestly do not care who holds those titles right now.  The Shield, though still a pretty popular force to be reckoned with, are slowly loosing momentum on their RAW takeover.  It’s been a long time coming.  They can only sabotage so many matches before it starts getting old.   Ambrose is obviously the front runner of the group; holding the US title belt gives him plenty of ring cred to become an independent wrestler from his gang.  It most likely will be a while before they do that, possibly at the next draft or some sort of rift between the team.  Those titles have become less important to a lot of people due to lack of major competition.  Team Hell No is no more and Rhode Scholars as well; the WWE doesn’t really have a popular line up of superstars to challenge them.  It will be boring until they get some good energy going, that could be a long time coming.

divaschampThe Diva’s Championship belt has been a lot more interesting then it has been in a long time.  AJ is the perfect villain and not a typical diva.  Both she and Caitlyn have been bringing a lot of energy to the division.  It hasn’t been this interesting since the first inception of LayCool.  Although the other divas are kind of kicked aside, Caitlyn and AJ’s rivalry never seems to loose steam.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t like either of them, the fact that it’s getting you pissed off at all means it’s working.  I am very skeptical that it can really last much longer, but we’ll have to see what happens.

As for the WWE Championship…well you all know my stance on Cena.  I am happy that recently, it hasn’t been so easy for him to win the title belt.  After Punk’s year long reign, I think the WWE finally realized that the belt needs to be established as a more desirable title.  It can’t be given out so easily, it needed to feel as if it was impossible to become champion.  Now that its in the hands of Cena, I’m sure they are going to continue with that trend.  As much as anti-Cena fans want him to loose the belt, it probably won’t happen for a long time.  Placing him against less surprising talent for matches has been building up the belts credibility again after Punk lost it to the Rock.  I honestly don’t care who gets the belt next but it needs to go to someone who can really glorify his reign like Punk did.  Cena is always consistent with his in the ring personae.  He never brings anything new or original which makes his reigns the same as always.  Not saying he isn’t entertaining, but I would have so much respect for him if he took the plunge and went heel.  Wishful thinking really…


On a lighter note, I love that Punk is back (looking as good as ever with his chops).   He will bring some energy back into the ring, relighting that spark that seemed to go out the moment he left.  Having a feud with Brock Lesnar seems like a great move; pitting Hymans clients against one another.  I utterly despise Lesnar so I’m all for Punk beating the crap out of him.  He’s the most useless wrestler they have; he has no personality, no mic skills and looks like a giant boulder with a face and a bad haircut.  The only thing he’s good for is his ability to bleed; as much as I love seeing him face down on the mat I’d rather not see him at all.  This will make his appearances harder and harder to endure which sucks because I am such a huge Punk fan.

jerichoI hope they don’t leave Jericho in the position he’s in.  I know he’s a busy man with his band and his countless TV appearances, but he needs a title shot and soon.  Having a match with Punk is a dream come true, but now that it’s over I don’t know what they are going to do with him.  Also, what is going on with Sheamus? He seems to be bouncing around from rivalry to rivalry like a a game of handball. They aren’t taking a breath with him and giving him something to really work for. Maybe they’re just running out of ideas? He was a front runner for a long time and now, it just seems like they are swatting flies in the wind.  He’s disjointed and frankly, very uninteresting.

Fandango By Storm

fandangoIt’s pretty amazing how much this outsider has taken the WWE world by storm.  When he was first introduced, I thought this guy would be nothing special at all.  He already made my bad list with his small but effective feud with Chris Jericho.  I was not too kind to him on my Wrestlemania 29 review, saying that he in no way was worthy of a match during the most watched PPV event of the year.  Now it’s hard to pinpoint what will happen to this very eccentric fellow known as Fandango.  He is by far a different breed of superstar.  It’s hard to like him and certainty hard to hate him.  His character is so ridiculous it’s hard to think anything of him except that he’s entertaining.  After RAW last week, his fandom excelled to unexpected heights.  ‘Fandangoing’ has more or less taken over the recent ‘Harlem Shake’ craze.  This guy is soaring high on his success right now and it seems to be generating a lot of positive feedback with the WWE universe as well. It’s hard to say if it will last.

This sort of seems similar to Zack Ryder’s rise and fall in the WWE locker room.  His YouTube channel was taking the world by storm which essentially launched him into the spotlight for a time.  With the help of other superstars, it seemed like he would be riding with the big leaguers for a while. Now, he’s just skating by as a mid-card act, getting beat up by the front runners and participating in medicore matches.  He’s still getting more attention then he was when he was but its settled down to a slow drag.

I guess it doesn’t really matter how long Fandango’s reign will last.  If they play their cards right, it could last for as long as they need it to. Though the WWE hasn’t really produced any long lasting reigns in quite some time, I don’t have much hope of this taking off.  Fandango just needs to stick with what he’s got. It’s only a matter of time before the mispronunciation of his name will become old and annoying; he’s going to need a few more tricks if he wants to keep his success train chugging along.

This was the only thing of interest in this past RAW; it was too much to ask for to keep the momentum going from last week’s RAW.


Raw Redemption

What a night for Monday night RAW; I can honestly say that it was better then Wrestlemania.  The WWE jam-packed its 3 hr. time frame with great matches that literally kept the crowd on its feet the entire time.  The energy was electric, everyone felt it’s effects whether you were at the live event or watching it on your couch at home.  There were so many highlights but the most talked about, I’m sure, is Dolph Ziggler taking the title from Alberto Del Rio.  Many a wrestling fan was down right bummed when he did not cash in his MITB briefcase at Wrestlemania 29.  It was a stroke of redemption when he came strutting down to the ring, waving his briefcase for all to see.  The crowd went wild! To make things even better, they actually had a semi match; it wasn’t just a cut and dry pin by Ziggler.  They gave us some substance, allowing the fans to think that Del Rio might have had a chance at winning. The other big win of the night was Wade Barrett reclaiming his IC title.  The match that so many of us were denied was given back to the fans.  I am a huge fan of Barrett and the audiences vocal support of his victory made it that much sweeter.


Also, I am reconsidering my stance of Fandango.  The other day, I was complaining to my husband how the WWE no longer has any Ultimate Warrior or Randy Savage like characters on the roster, making for a far less colorful WWE.  When Fandangos match began against Kingston and he was strutting around the ring doing fancy flamboyant moves, I just had to laugh.  A very close friend of ours told us that “Fandango is the future of the WWE,” and now I kind of believe him.  The audience loved him! Even after Jericho came out and beat the snot out of him, he still managed to reprimand the announcer for getting his name wrong; and it didn’t end there.  For a few matches after that, the audience continued the Fandango fiasco by singing his entrance music during Orton/Sheamus and Henry/Cena’s matches.

It’s such a relief to know that real wrestling fans live in NY/NJ.  I have to say; I don’t think you will find any other crowd quite like the crowds there.  The only other places you will find fans as loud and crazy as this is in Canada and England.  There the fans know what’s what and have an eye for genuine wrestling talent.  I know there are others out there who do the same who are not from those areas mentioned, but how can anywhere else compare? If the fans are into it, everyone else will be into it just as much.  I watched the whole entire episode, and that hasn’t happened since they switched to the 3 hour time slot. They completely redeemed themselves for the lackluster performance at Wrestlemania 29, so thanks for proving that there is still some spark left in the WWE.

What Happened to Wrestlemania?


Last night was the night, where all the senseless buildup over the last 2 months of WWE has lead.  It was geared up to be completely dynamite, enough to raise the MetLife Stadium roof and then some.  Everyone is always hyped up for Wrestlemania, even if the matches scheduled may not cleanse every viewers pallet.  Wrestlemania 29 was set, ready to unleash a powerhouse of matches that the WWE universe was sick of hearing about. Unfortunately what was dished out to the WWE universe seemed lackluster, clumsy and downright boring.  I don’t know about the rest of the fans out there, but I was sorely disappointed.  There were so many great potential opportunities for them to take the WWE in a fresh direction.  So much has remained the same predicable crap that they have been spoon feeding us for the last few months.


The first major problem with this years Wrestlemania was the decision that Fandango deserves a Wrestlemania match; AND against Y2J at that.  Fandango is a new premiere wrestler who was just recently introduced to the WWE Raw roster.  Since countless superstars and other WWE enthusiasts cannot properly pronounce his name, he has refused to wrestle until now.  Jericho pushed his buttons way too much and therefore this constitutes a chance at a Wrestlemania match.  It is true that Fandango’s arrogant vein personality has already proved worthy of some decent signage, but it just seems like the wrong move.  Hundreds of other superstars that have proved their worth were kicked to the sidelines by this glittery buffoon. If that’s not the biggest slap in the face for some of these wrestlers, I don’t know what is.  Also, Jericho is a seasoned wrestler who’s been in the limelight for 10+ years.  It’s true that he could make any wrestler look good in the ring but to loose to that…that…what could they possibly hope to accomplish by having one of their most popular wrestlers of all time be beaten by THAT?

Moving on the the Alberto Del Rio vs. Swagger for the World Heavyweight Championship.  Since when is the Heavyweight Championship match a mid card event? Not only that, but I find myself searching for any definitive moments during that match. It was downplayed and because of that, made it seem so much less interesting.  Wanting to enjoy this match became almost a chore and not worth the effort.  It’s a shame that the Heavyweight Championship belt has become somewhat second rate next to all the other matches taking place on the night of Wrestlemania 29.Image The only thing that seemed to garnish any reaction was when Swagger lost and Zeb looked as if his heart was going to explode.  If that is the only memorable thing they could give us during a Championship match, they really need to get their creative juices flowing and fast.

Speaking of disgracing championship belts, the Intercontinental Championship match was not even televised during the PPV.  Personally, I find that incredibly insulting to past, present and future IC championship holders.  The IC belt has probably had the best seasoned wrestlers hold the title in all of wrestling history.  It attracts a different style of wrestler and therefore has always been one of the most respected titles to hold. To the disappointment of many, this match was completely disregarded, obviously not worthy of being televised to the masses.  The WWE universe was robbed of probably the best match of the night, in my opinion.

The Undertaker matches are always a crowd pleaser during every Wrestlemania since his first victory 21 years ago.  It was no surprise that the Undertaker vs. CM Punk match would be THE MATCH to watch.  The last few years it seems the Undertaker has been running out of steam.  It’s blatantly obvious every year that he is just loosing his edge in the ring. Lets face it, ever since Wrestlemania 25, Undertaker has taken a turn for the worse.Image It’s hard enough try and deliver a great match when still looming in the shadow the THE BEST Undertaker/Michael’s match there ever was at ’25. So, when it was confirmed that CM Punk would wrestle Taker to break the 20-0 streak, it seemed almost per-determined that Punk would win.  If there was any wrestler to beat the streak, it would and SHOULD be Punk.  He has revolutionized the WWE in more ways then any other wrestler has done in a long time.  Plus, Takers one appearance a year gig really must end.  Nothing against Taker, he is a wrestler that will go down in history as one of the greats.  He is just ready to retire, ready to call it quits, ready to take a long rest after decades of hard work in the ring.  How much more punishment can he take? 20-1 would have been the perfect record for Taker to leave with us AND it would have given a hell of a lot of fuel to burn in Punk’s already smoldering fire. The WWE could have done so much with that and it would have given Punk bragging rights to be more of an asshole for the remainder of the year and then some.  But the WWE is afraid to cut Taker loose because he grabs the ratings.  Taker will wrestle till he dies in the ring.  It’s sad and downright unfair. The match with Taker and Punk was bad but it wasn’t bad…it’s something that is very hard to explain.  There are so many good reasons for Taker to finally end his streak and so few reasons for him to stay.  The WWE will cling on till the last strand is pulled which is, to me, very disappointing.

The last major match I will be focusing on is of course, Rock vs. Cena.  What a waste of a perfectly good opportunity to head in a new direction.  CENA WOULD MAKE A GREAT HEEL! He has a transitional look, he’s got the vocals and speaking ability to mouth off some great ‘hate’ rants…WHAT IS THE WWE WAITING FOR? Loosing to the Rock would have proven to be a dynamic launching pad for him to take off into a new era of wrestling.  Once again, the WWE is hiding behind their mother’s skirt.  The notion of doing anything the least bit risky is suicide to them.  They will just keep sticking to the same old song and dance until fans won’t be able to take it anymore.  ImageThey could have even gone this way; Cena wins against the Rock, they have a tearful goodbye in the ring holding up each others hands in victory…yadayada…the Rock vacates letting Cena to enjoy his moment.  THEN Ziggler comes out from behind, clubs him in the head with the briefcase, cashes in his money in the bank victory and takes the title…ANOTHER GREAT LAUNCHING PAD FOR CENA TO GO HEEL! He could be so put off and angry by this cheated victory, he goes on the offensive becoming a destructive force in the WWE.  Even THAT seems too risky for them to even consider.  I will never understand the lack of creative logic the WWE has been dishing out lately.  When will things finally get better and less predictable? It seems like the vicious cycle will never end.

A small tidbit about the Lesner vs. HHH match.  This match started off great until Lesner began to change colors like a chameleon.  He went from normal skin tones, to purple to red to who know’s what. Not only did he become a rainbow in the ring but he must have sweat out the Mississippi River all over HHH.  The match just became a sweatfest which put me off and a number of my fellow spectators.  It didn’t matter who won or what was going on because we were too disgusted by the amount of sweat pooling off his body to care.

Overall, the only good thing that happened during this Wrestlemania was that there was no scheduled Diva’s Match.  Wrestlemania 29 had very little to be excited about.  Almost every match looked clumsy and harbored a few botched moves.  Some matches were just downright boring to watch.  I was also mad that they cut the Rhode Scholars vs. Funkasaurus/Sweet Tea match. Sandow and Rhodes are amazing even if the match was horrible it would still be worth it to see them in the ring. There’s not much else to say but disappointment, disappointment, disappointment. I hope RAW will clear up and redeem a lot of the missteps Wrestlemania 29 has regrettably taken.  This event almost makes me want to stop watching the WWE altogether but unfortunately for me, TNA is not an option and I hear they are running on a hot streak right now. Sometimes change is good and it will be a miracle if the WWE ever discovers the truth behind that statement.

Will John Cena Ever Go Heel?

So yesterday after a lackluster RAW, I forced myself to participate in the last half hour to watch the Rock/Cena debate.  A great panel of wrestling gold graced the stage to help set the tone for another ‘I’m better then you are’ charade that the world has seen every RAW since Rock won the title.  Honestly, I was not expecting to find any real substance to this debate, since the WWE seems to be dragging its feet when it comes to the build up for Wrestlemania.


Bret Hart looks so old with grey hair…

As the questions were rattled off, it became apparent that Cena was in no mood to put on his usual good guy act.  It seemed his anger level went from bad to worse as the debate went on.  I don’t think I have ever seen him so emotionally involved in the ring and it was a little surprising.  He was being such a sore loser, a cry baby who just didn’t want to admit the Rock beat him last Wrestlemania.  Soon it escalated to what sounded like pure anger radiating out of his mouth.  For a few moments, I was left in shock that, ‘wow, he would make a great heel.’
It got me thinking; Cena has been the face of the WWE since his inception 10 years ago.  He has never changed his tune, but remains strong in his ‘Hustle, Loyalty, Respect’ motto and keeps the good times coming with his quirky rebuttals and practicable wrestling style (or lack there of). This whole ‘Being beat by the Rock crushed my spirit’ BS seems to be grounded a lot more with his personal well being then normal.  This, and only this situation, would be the perfect stepping stone for him to turn Heel, especially if he looses @ Wrestlemania.


This was great, especially seeing Cena’s rage face afterwards

I know it’s a long shot and probably won’t happen.  The chances that the Rock will keep the title after Wrestlemania are slim to none. Let’s face it, he doesn’t need the WWE anymore; he’s made it on his own in the world.  Sure he loves the WWE and it would be great if he stayed after the big event, but the chance of that happening is slim.  Cena will get the title and go back to being his loveable predicable self again.  It sucks and I wish the WWE would finally push him in another direction.  BUT now that I am writing this, I can see both scenarios creating a new image for Cena.  If he loses, he could carry on this anger act until the Rock looses the title.  If he wins, he could become selfish and covet his accomplishment so much, that he becomes vain in his abilities, becoming an arrogant SOB.

It would be a welcomed change and really a breath of fresh air into the lungs of the stale WWE. Probably will never happen but hey, a girl can dream can’t she?


The Shield; What is the Point?

I know that I have been out of the wrestling loop for a while, but I still do not see a legitimate point to this rag tag gang of newbies. From what I have read and understand from fellow wrestling enthusiasts, The Shield first emerged during Survivor Series to take out Cena and Ryback during Punk’s championship match. Their interference once again, made Punk victorious and retainer of the title. As time went on, they seemed to focus on protecting Punk and his title, despite Punk and Hayman denying that they had any involvement in The Shield and their actions. If the intention of this group was to kind of be Punk’s secret army, that would have been great. I think it would have solidified Punk’s intentions to reform the WWE. After a while though, their involvement with Punk sort of dissipated. After he lost the title to The Rock, they now have almost no affiliation with Punk at all. Frankly, I don’t see a point to their antics. They are basically a glorified Nexus, only no one cares about any of the wrestlers involved.

The WWE is pushing new wrestlers, I get it.  So far, a lot of the new faces have become successful; at least for now.  Did anyone think that faces like Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett would actually last?  Ryback, once known as Skip Sheffield, completely reinvented himself for the better.  Now he’s the new Goldberg, or so many are saying, which quite frankly the WWE desperately needs.  Besides Bryan, who became successful almost overnight, making a name for yourself in the wrestling business is no easy task.  So in regards to The Shield, having little to no point of existing is not working for them.  They say they are righting the wrongs of wrestling injustice, how they are doing that by beating up every wrestler that’s a face is beyond me.  It feels as if they are just floating along riding on the coat tails of their so called undefeated streak.  None of them are that impressive, in fact, the only one I can see trying to pull off a successful career out of this is Reigns.  He is after all Samoan and cousin to greats such as The Rock and Rikishi.  If he just cleaned up his act a little bit (and maybe his hair) by getting a new more creative name and an angle that actually matters, he has a shot.  Honestly, I hope this group goes away fast.  It’s becoming increasingly difficult to sit through a show and not want to shut off the TV after they lumber out to the ring.  I guess in way, that makes them successful.

rhodes scholars 2

On another note, how awesome were the Rhode Scholars on RAW with their translation of the New Age Outlaws intro? It gave me a good laugh, one I had not had the pleasure of enjoying in the WWE since  Punk’s famous ‘Clown Shoes’ line.  I love Sandow’s intellect and his ability to cup the microphone like a glass of wine.  Although I am not a fan of Rhodes’ horrible mustache, this team is awesome and I cannot wait to see more of them. They greatly compliment each other. Sandow exudes a tremendous amount of charm and intellect while Rhodes keeps his ‘beautiful people’ front going strong.  You could not ask for a better combination.